Madonna begins her Germany concerts in Cologne

Dhis first German concert in a long time and especially after the serious illness of Madonna Six months ago is eighty minutes old – and actually much older, because the artist delayed the planned start in the Cologne Arena by a whopping hour and a half – when she sings “Don’t Tell Me”, a song from 2000, as Their last groundbreaking album, “Music,” was released (many more errant runners followed). One might think that this choice of title in the middle of a concert that is part of the “Celebration” tour to celebrate Madonna’s forty-year career and is therefore dedicated to nothing other than telling her own story is tongue-in-cheek or paradoxical, especially since it hasn’t been done immediately afterwards for almost twenty years This is followed by “Mother and Father” performed on stage, a highly personal ballad about the singer’s parents.

But what you can’t find words for was always a main subject of Madonna’s lyrics. “Mother and Father” tells the story of how her father became an absentee in the family after her mother’s early death. Back then, Madonna Louise Ciccone, born in 1958, was just five years old. You don’t have to tell her about death. He is constantly on the Cologne stage.

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