“Madame Web” releases trailer: a trio of spider women shine in battle against a mysterious villain

Its web connects everything. He knows the enigmatic story of Madame Web, one of the most important characters in the Spider-Man Universe. (Sony Pictures)

Sony Pictures has released the first trailer of Madame Webmarking a new chapter in the Sony’s Spider-Man Universe. The film, starring Dakota Johnson in the lead role of Cassandra Webb and Sydney Sweeney as the incarnation of Julia Carpenter, aka Spider-Woman, has revealed a broad glimpse of what fans can expect next February 2024 and promises to be an exciting addition to the stories that continue to be woven about the spider world.

The trailer also reveals Celeste O’Connor like Mattie Franklin and Isabela Moner like Anya Corazon, the other two Spider-Woman who will also appear as heroines throughout the film. In addition, Tahar Rahim He is introduced as Ezekiel Simms, who is seen dressed in a black Spider-Man-style suit and who apparently will be the main villain that the heroines will have to face on their path of self-discovery.

Sydney Sweeney as Julia Carpenter a "Madame Web".  (Credits: Sony Pictures)
Sydney Sweeney as Julia Carpenter in “Madame Web.” (Credits: Sony Pictures)

The film tells the origin story of one of Marvel’s most enigmatic heroines, with Johnson playing a paramedic in Manhattan with clairvoyant abilities. As she faces revelations about her past, she forms a relationship with three young women who cross her path and who sooner rather than later discover that they are destined for powerful futures.

Producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura has highlighted the uniqueness of the feature film within the Spider-Man universe. According to di Bonaventura, although Madame Web does not have a very prominent character in the comics, the film focuses on her origin story, allowing viewers to get to know her before she became the well-known figure in the comics. This approach offers fresh, new terrain for fans. The film is scheduled to be released on February 14, 2024.

Actress Celeste O'Connor will be in charge of giving life to Mattie Franklin in "Madame Web".  (Credits: Sony Pictures)
Actress Celeste O’Connor will be in charge of giving life to Mattie Franklin in “Madame Web.” (Credits: Sony Pictures)

Sony Pictures has several Spider-Man spin-off projects in development, most notably the movie Kraven The Huntercon Aaron Taylor-Johnson as the protagonist, scheduled to be released in August 2024. In addition, a third installment of the franchise is expected Venomstarring Tom Hardyfor November of next year.

Likewise, after the success at the box office and critics of Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse (Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse), the studio is also working on the next episode in Miles Morales’ adventure, Spider-Man: Beyond the Spider-Verse, which would mark the end of the trilogy of the American-Puerto Rican teenage character.

"Kraven The Hunter" It is also another of the great releases of Sony's Spider-Man Universe for 2024. (Credits: Sony Pictures)
“Kraven The Hunter” is also another of the big releases in Sony’s Spider-Man Universe for 2024. (Credits: Sony Pictures)

Madame Web opens in theaters on February 14 in the United States. While you wait for its release, you can check out other titles in Sony’s Spider-Man Universe, such as Morbius y Venom in Prime Video.

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