Lootah: The registration of applicants for candidacy is proceeding well and satisfactorily for all

Tariq Lootah, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Federal National Council Affairs, stated that the registration time for those wishing to run in the Federal National Council elections 2023 does not exceed five minutes via the website and smart application, as well as in registration centers, and this period may be reduced to one minute, depending on the category. Work, as some are not required to upload documents or certificates, so they complete the registration procedures in a minute.

He added, in press statements, on the sidelines of his visit to the Dubai Emirate Committee, yesterday, that the National Elections Committee did not receive any comments from the candidates, related to the registration technique, pointing out that the committee has a technical support team that manages the registration system completely.

He stressed that the process of registering those wishing to run is proceeding well and satisfactorily for all, as the use of the registration system for remote candidacy, in addition to the centers for submitting candidacy applications at the level of the Emirates, contributed well to facilitating the procedures.

Lootah stated that the registration process is the first stage of the electoral entitlement, stressing that all work teams in the National Elections Committee and the committees in the UAE work in perfect harmony.

He noted that the turnout for registration during the past three days is considered good, whether through registration in person at the headquarters of registration centers in the Emirates or through the website and smart application, stressing that this turnout shows the extent to which candidates understand the role of the National Assembly and its members, and the spread of a culture of political participation and understanding of members of electoral bodies. their role and method of selecting the appropriate candidate.

Lootah called on the candidates to read the “Candidate and Voter Guide” issued by the National Committee for the Federal National Council Elections, and to learn about the role of a member of the Federal National Council, as it is a major and major role and requires great effort from its members.

For his part, the head of the Dubai Emirate Committee, Issa Al-Mutaiwee, said: “The committee witnessed during the first two days a great turnout for remote registration through the website and smart application,” adding that “registration witnessed a variety of all categories of employees, owners of private professions, and retirees.”

Al-Mutaiwee stated that the registration procedures are proceeding smoothly and easily, whether through the website or the smart application, or by attending the committee’s headquarters, stressing the importance of participating in the electoral process, which is considered a fundamental pillar for the development of Emirati society and the realization of its aspirations.

The headquarters of the Dubai Emirate Committee for the Federal National Council Elections in the Dubai World Trade Center (Hatta Hall) receives those wishing to run for the Federal National Council elections, who were unable to register through the electronic registration platform through the website or smart application of the committee.

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