Liverpool is determined to refuse, and Al-Ittihad raises the offer.. Salah’s series has not ended yet

The English club Liverpool continues its determination to reject all offers submitted by the Saudi Al-Ittihad club to include the Egyptian international star, Mohamed Salah, at a time when the coming days may prove the reality of the challenge that the German Jurgen Klopp, coach of the “Reds”, spoke about.

And the British news agency “BA Media” reported that Mike Gordon, head of the “Fenway” group that owns the club, “politely but firmly” rejected the Saudi club’s offer of 150 million pounds (189 million dollars) to include the Egyptian international, and confirmed that the matter is over for the club.

Despite this, and with the continuation of the transfer period in the Saudi League until next Thursday, there is a strong belief that Al-Ittihad will return to present a better offer. Which will have an impact on the stability of the team.

For this reason, coach Klopp expressed his concern, stating that no one (in Europe) can give any reaction anymore.

And when the Saudi club expressed interest in including the 31-year-old player for the first time last month, Ramy Abbas, the Egyptian player’s agent, said via the “X” platform (formerly Twitter) on the seventh of last August, that “if we wanted to leave Liverpool this year, we would not have Let’s renew the contract last summer, Mohamed is committed to Liverpool.

However, Rami Abbas was absent from the scene this time, and the offer to include Salah overshadowed the team’s preparations for the visit of its host Aston Villa tomorrow, Sunday, while Klopp said that he saw no reason to worry about Salah, who was very committed.

Despite this, the events of this week seem like the beginning of a long farewell to Salah, who will be 32 years old next summer, and will enter his last year in his contract with the team, with whom he receives an amount of 350 thousand pounds per week, which is the highest salary in the history of the club, as the English club may be more. Receptive to the idea of ​​selling it at that point.

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