Lilia Lemoine and Milei are denounced for threats against Public TV

November 16, 2023 – 09:36

The elected representative and the presidential candidate were pointed out by the lawyer and mediator Javier Igolnikov pointing to the threats against the journalist Laura Mayocchi, among other statements.

Lila Lemoine was reported to court. 

The elected representative of Freedom Advances (LLA) in these elections 2023Lilia Lemoinewas reported this Thursday for the alleged threats against a journalist from the Public TV during a street interview carried out within the framework of his electoral campaign.

The presentation, made by the lawyer and mediator Javier Igolnikovalso involves the presidential candidate of the libertarian space, Javier Mileiand is formulated under the crimes of “non-compliance with duties as deputies” – in the case of Lemoine, elected – and threatening the rule of law that means republican democracy.

“Deputy Lemoine harassed a journalist, violating press freedom and gave a neo-Nazi as an example of behavior“says the text about the legislator’s claim to Carlos Pampillón, whom she defined as “a patriot.”

In the presentation, the lawyer states that “the sayings in a political campaign They admit lies and contradictions, such as eliminating the Central Bank or warning of possible electoral fraudbut encouraging conduct that violates the rule of law has institutional gravity that must be investigated.”

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Elections 2023: Lilia Lemoine threatened a journalist and said: “We are going to close Public TV”

The national representative elected by Freedom Advances (LLA), Lilia Lemoinewas in the Constitution Station when a Public TV columnist He wanted to do a live interview. The libertarian responded aggressively to the question and threatened the journalist: “The public media are going to privatize so try to be a good worker“, He snapped.

The chronicler, Laura Mayocchitried to refer to a eventual government of Javier Milei while Lemoine distributed tickets of the formula Milei-Villarruel heading to November 19 ballot. The deputy refused to answer the questions, and assured that “They are going to close Public TV“. When asked about the plurality of voices and the democratic communicationLemoine repeated that “public media are going to be privatized”.

While Lemoine refused to report, the followers who accompanied her tried push the chronicler and they showed a sign in front of the cameras that said “The agenda is in danger – Thieving journalists, update your CV”. This is directly related to the libertarians’ proposal, which proposes defund private media.

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