Lilia Lemoine affirmed that Milei will privatize public media if he is president

Lilia Lemoine said that Javier Milei is going to privatize public media

The national representative elected by La Libertad Avanza, Lilia Lemoinestated this Wednesday that public media will be privatized in an eventual presidency of Javier Miley. The leader became upset when approached by a reporter from the Public TV at the Retiro terminal. “You have bad intentions, I don’t want to talk to you,” she responded.

Given the reiteration of the consultations, Lemoine argued that the media that are in the hands of the State will become private. “The public media are going to be privatized, so try to be a good worker,” she said, looking straight at the press worker.

The scene took place at the Terminal de Retiro station, where Lilia Lemoine was walking accompanied by part of her team. Visibly upset by the cell phone monitoring of state television that was trying to conduct an interview, she sought to avoid the conversation.

“You are not interested in people”reproached, who must assume her seat as a legislator on December 10, forming part of the La Libertad Avanza bloc.

However, despite the denials, the exchange continued for a few minutes. In that passage, Lemoine responded to other topics. In fact, he even made a brief evaluation of the debate that starred Milei and Sergio Massa last Sunday, a week before the runoff. “(Milei’s) performance was excellent, purposeful, calm, realistic, in the face of an authoritarian subject,” said Lemoine.

The dialogue even spread on public roads, in the square in front of the Retiro Station. There Lemoine also reaffirmed that “subsidies are going to be removed. Milei already explained it”, crossing the street between the urban transport stops.

In fact, the initial question was geared toward the Libertarian candidate’s positions on transportation subsidies. “Do you take public transportation, Lilia?” asked the chronicler. “I don’t want to talk to you, we are going to close the public media, we are going to privatize them. So try to be a good worker,” Lemoine returned.

Javier Milei and Lilia Lemoine
Javier Milei and Lilia Lemoine

The tense exchange continued for a few minutes. “What is the view of the past, of the 30,000 disappeared, of those people who do not have a grave to carry a flower?” the journalist asked.

“Like my mother, I couldn’t watch over her because of the quarantine?” Lemoine responded.

“So we compare a pandemic, a natural catastrophe with a political decision?” insisted the Public TV worker. “It was a very bad political decision by the current government,” said the leader of the libertarian front.

“Why can’t we talk Lilia, we are in democracy?” the journalist pointed out again. “I can decide not to answer you,” the leader closed.

Lilia Lemoine was elected on October 22 as national deputy, representing the province of Buenos Aires. She was part of the list that led to Carolina Píparo as a candidate for governor and Javier Milei as a candidate for the presidency of the Nation, the latter reaching the ballot on November 19.

Lemoine will join the La Libertad Avanza bloc in the lower house, which is currently made up only of Milei himself and Victoria Villarruel, his running mate. Since December 10 There will be 38 space legislators led by Milei, of which 13 were elected representing the citizens of Buenos Aires. One of them is Lemoine.

The leader maintains a frontal style, in which she openly expresses her ideas, which usually generates public repercussions. This happened during an interview given to the Neura Media channel, with the journalist Guadalupe Vázquez, in which she announced that one of her first legislative projects would aim to give men the possibility of renouncing paternity in case they have doubts about conception. The episode took place a week before the general elections.

Then, on election day, he also got into an altercation with the authorities at the polling station where he went to vote. She was accused of committing “sung voting” – an infraction provided for in the electoral code for those who openly express her vote within a school, since it is secret – by brandishing Milei ballots. In her defense, she explained that she was demanding that the libertarian ballots be replaced in the dark room.

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