Leonardo Fariña’s house was raided after his arrest at a financial institution

After Leonardo Fariñathe former financier convicted of money laundering in the so-called “K Money Route”, was arrested in a raid on a financial company who sold the blue dollar in Belgrano, the Federal Police and Customs raided his house and three other properties of those involved.

In Fariña’s home, located in lot 919 of the San Matías de Escobar country, personnel from the Anti-Fraud Division of the Federal Police and Customs found a computer that could be analyzed within the framework of the case and about $130,000. Investigators are trying to determine if Fariña is one of those responsible for the financial company.

In the other three properties, belonging to four of the detainees, they were also found cell phones, computers, documentation and around $446,000 and US$2,000.

At[person]’s house Carlos Ezequiel Senande and Antonella Soledad Somma, both detained, the Police found that amount of cash. It was, along with Fariña’s, the only property in which there was money. The raid took place in the San Gabriel neighborhood, in Benavidez.

Meanwhile, in the home of Damian Frarelocated at the Maschwitz Country Club in Escobar, the authorities found ten cell phones and documentation that may be of interest to the case.

The last of the houses raided was that of Mariela Frarean apartment on Avenida Del Libertador in the City of Buenos Aires, where they only found documentation.

On this Thursday morning, Fariña’s lawyer, Roberto Herrera, assured that the cave in which his client was detained is the property of some friends and that he was accompanying them. The lawyer added that the person accused of money laundering He works as a financial advisor to other people, but not at the address on the 12th floor of Juramento Avenue at 1400, where the financial company is located.

The dollars found in the house of Carlos Ezequiel Senande and Antonella Soledad Somma, two of those arrested after the raid on an exchange house in Belgrano.The dollars found in the house of Carlos Ezequiel Senande and Antonella Soledad Somma, two of those arrested after the raid on an exchange house in Belgrano.

This Wednesday, Fariña and four other people were arrested as part of a raid on a financial company in the Buenos Aires neighborhood of Belgrano. Customs and the Federal Police checked the place and They found boxes and backpacks with more than 500 million pesos.

The five detainees will be investigated this Friday by economic criminal judge Pablo Yaradola. The defendants, three men and two women, remain detained in Federal Police facilities accused of alleged violation of the Criminal Exchange Regime Law, with the sale of the so-called “blue” dollar.

The operation is part of the foreign exchange trading control procedures that have been carried out in recent weeks. Investigators believe that the financial company was managed by Fariña, who is sentenced to 3 years and six months for the crime of money laundering, which he was serving conditionally, which is why he was wearing his electronic anklet.

The ten cell phones kidnapped from Damian Frare's house.The ten cell phones kidnapped from Damian Frare’s house.

Commissioner Alejandro Ñamandú explained that “they had been working for more than a month” and specified that “two of the five people were trying to escape.” The cash also indicated that “in principle, what is being investigated is a violation of the criminal exchange law.”

In recent days, various raids were carried out on homes in the downtown area and the Northern District of the city of Buenos Aires that would operate as “caves”, within a case that has not yet been fully clarified if it could have links with the case that is investigating the financier. Ivo Rojnica, known as “The Croat”.

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