Leonardo Fariña’s house is raided: who are his accomplices detained in the Belgrano financial cave

This is how Fariña was detained

This morning, after arresting him yesterday after finding it in a financial cave on Juramento Avenue in the Belgrano neighborhood, The Anti-Fraud Division of the Federal Police raided Leonardo Fariña’s house in the country of San Matías de Escobar together with Customs. The procedure, carried out by the Superintendence of Federal Investigations, continues at the closing of this note. Camila Roales, Fariña’s wifewho was present at the raid on the cave yesterday in Belgrano, was at the scene.

Also Operations were launched against the homes of the four detainees who were found with Fariña in the cave, as sources in the case confirmed to Infobae. One of them is Carlos Senande, 28 years old, with a Buenos Aires tax domicile, dedicated to the real estate business, at least in the AFIP papers. It follows Antonella Sommaregistered in the personal services category of the AFIP, 32 years old, with registered address in Ramos Mejía and real address in the country of San Gabriel de Benavídez. Romina Mariela Frarethe third detainee, 25 years old, is also dedicated to the real estate business, again, at least in official papers. Damian Frare, also raided, is the fifth arrested yesterday in Belgrano. All of them had their homes in countries in the north or in Buenos Aires areas with high purchasing power.

Sources in the case affirm that, for now, no elements of interest were found in the financier’s house, just a computer that can be tested. Instead, computers, phones and cash were seized: Damián Frare had ten phones in his possession. Documentation was also found, which can be analyzed.

Part of the money seized today
Part of the money seized today

In it procedure carried out yesterday by Customs and the Anti-Fraud Divisionwith the aim of controlling the free dollar market and with a file in charge of the economic criminal judge Pablo Yadarola for the crimes of violation of the Foreign Exchange Criminal Regime Law, Nearly 500 million pesos were found. Yadarola is expected to investigate Fariña tomorrow morning in the Retiro courts. For now, two lawyers for the financier appeared yesterday at a PFA office.

Fariña remained silent yesterday while he was arrested. Several researchers point out that he could be the owner of the cave. The alias of “El Pela” or “El Pelado” appears repeatedly in the file that led to the raid. Now, an attempt is being made to clarify whether this “Pela” is the financier and ex-husband of Karina Jelinek. His lawyers denied it.

Another research hypothesis points to the alleged head of the cave as a man whose initials are DB, a 54-year-old monotributista who does not belong to business companies or has a blank salary. Even so, she lives in a mansion in San Isidro, with a tax address in Martínez.

Cash seized by Customs from an accomplice of Fariña
Cash seized by Customs from an accomplice of Fariña

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