Leonardo Fariña was arrested after a raid on a financial cave | In the midst of the rise of the blue dollar

The former financier convicted of money laundering Leonardo Fariña was arrested this afternoon during a procedure carried out by Customs and the Federal Police in a “cave” in the Buenos Aires neighborhood of Belgrano, where They kidnapped boxes and suitcases with more than 500 million pesos.

The operation is part of the foreign exchange trading control procedures that have been carried out in recent weeks.

Research sources detailed that The raid was carried out in an apartment at Juramento 1475, a few meters from Avenida del Libertador, in the City of Buenos Aires, where the former financier was found and detained, who is sentenced to 3 years and six months for the crime of money laundering.

A large amount of cash, mainly Argentine pesos, was seized at the scene. According to Customs sources, the amount would amount to $500 million.

In recent days there were different raids on homes in the downtown area and the Northern District of the city of Buenos Aires that would operate as “caves”, within a case that has not yet been fully clarified if it could have links with the one investigating the financier Ivo Rojnica, known as “The Croatian.”

On that occasion, the raids were carried out at 1080 Esmeralda and 345 and 456 Corrientes Avenue, reported official sources, who assured that from those places “they coordinated the rise of the blue dollar.”

This procedure was carried out jointly by the PFA, the General Directorate of Customs-AFIP and the Central Bank.

The investigation is in charge of federal judge Marcelo Martínez De Giorgi, who is already investigating Rojnica for running a “cave” in downtown Buenos Aires, but had refused to arrest him because in his opinion there were no procedural risks.

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