League Cup: why each team fights in the last two dates and what is the individual fixture

Two exciting dates are coming in the League Cup. Because except for Arsenal, already relegated, everyone is fighting for something: to enter the playoffs for the title, qualify for the international cups and avoid relegation in the annual table. Next, the respective tables and what remains for each one in these last two days.

River: leader of zone A of the League Cup, seeks to secure its place. He is already in the Libertadores for having won the Professional League. Visitor center and local Institute.

Boca: eleventh in zone B of the League Cup (practically no chance of playoffs) and eighth in the annual (today in Sudamericana). He will receive Newell’s and visit Godoy Cruz.

Independent: saved from relegation, goes for playoffs classification. He is second in zone A. In addition, he still dreams of qualifying for the Sudamericana. He will receive Banfield and visit Talleres.

Racing: fourth in zone B, wants to continue advancing in the League Cup. In the annual it is in the South American zone. Visit Lanús and receive Belgrano.

Saint Lawrence: very complicated in the League Cup (twelfth in zone B), they are in the Sudamericana zone, but they dream of the Libertadores in the annual. He will visit Defensa and receive Central Córdoba from Santiago del Estero.

Students: difficult to get into the playoff zone (tenth in zone B), today it is in the Sudamericana zone in the annual, but it has a chance of Libertadores. They have Central Córdoba as a visitor and Lanús as a local.

Gym: It still gives them mathematical chance to get into the playoffs (ninth in zone A), but their goal is focused on preserving the category. Receives A. Tucumán and visits Banfield.

Hurricane: today in the playoff zone (third in group A), but focuses on staying in First Division. They will host Arsenal and visit A. Tucumán.

Velez: sixth and with a chance of playoffs in zone A, their priority is to avoid relegation. Visit Argentinos and receive Columbus.

Union: with minimal chances of playoffs in zone B (ninth), the goal is to retain the category. Visit Belgrano and receive Tigre.

Colón: with playoff possibilities (seventh in zone A), today it is descending in the annual table. You must receive Talleres and visit Vélez.

Workshops: one step away from securing a ticket to the next Libertadores in the annual tournament, he is tenth in zone A thinking about the playoffs. He will visit Colón and receive Independiente.

Belgrano: third in zone B and today in the playoffs, for the annual fight to enter the Sudamericana. He will receive Unión and visit Racing.

A. Tucumán: very difficult to access the playoffs (eleventh in zone A), in the annual they still have a chance to enter Sudamericana. He will visit Gimnasia and receive Huracán.

Godoy Cruz: leader of zone B and today in the playoffs, he is also close to securing the ticket to the Libertadores in the annual. Sarmiento as visitor and local vs. Mouth.

Banfield: saved from relegation, is fourth in zone A and today is in the playoffs. Mathematically in the race to enter the Sudamericana. Independent of visitor and local vs. Gym.

Lanus: With no possibility of playoffs in zone B (last), today they want to ensure their presence in the next Sudamericana. Local Racing and Visiting Students.

Newell’s: still with a chance of playoffs (sixth in zone B), in the annual fight to reach the Sudamericana. Visitor’s mouth and home defense.

Central: eighth in zone A (retains playoff possibilities), today it is in the Libertadores zone in the annual. River home and away from Arsenal.

Platense: fifth in zone B, fighting for a playoff spot. He has small chances in the fight to enter the Sudamericana. He visits Tigre and receives Sarmiento.

Argentines: Second to last in zone A (without being able to enter the playoffs), they are still fighting to enter the Sudamericana. Local vs. Vélez and visitor vs. Barracks.

Tigre: second to last in zone B (almost out), wants to stay in First. He receives Platense and visits Unión.

Sarmiento: seventh in zone B (they can still enter the playoffs), their objective is to retain the category. Local vs. Godoy Cruz and visitor vs. Platense.

Córdoba Central: almost saved from relegation, they are second in zone B and with access to the playoffs. Local vs. Students and visitor vs. San Lorenzo.

Defense and Justice: eighth in zone B, wants to try to reach the playoffs. Furthermore, they are in the Sudamericana zone in the annual tournament, but they dream of qualifying for the Libertadores. San Lorenzo as local and visitor to Newell’s.

Central Tents: almost saved from relegation, but does not reach the cups and is last in zone A. Institute of visitor and local vs. Argentines.

Institute: saved from relegation and mathematically in the race for the Sudamericana, he also wants the playoffs (fifth in zone A). Local Central Barracks and Visitor Institute.

Arsenal: already relegated and twelfth in zone A, Huracán as visitor and Central as home.

Positions / Tables

Zone A League Cup

The positions of Zone A.The positions of Zone A.

Zone B of the League Cup

The positions of Zone B.The positions of Zone B.

The annual table and the Cups

The annual table heading towards the 2024 Cups.The annual table heading towards the 2024 Cups.

The lower part (decline) of the annual table

The annual table to avoid relegation.The annual table to avoid relegation.

The schedule for date 13

19.00 Central Córdoba – Students

21.00 Gymnastics – Atlético Tucumán

16.00 Argentines – Vélez

18.30 Rosario Central – River

21.00 Hurricane – Arsenal

14.30 Colón – Workshops

14.30 Defense and Justice – San Lorenzo

16.45 Boca – Newell’s

19.00 Belgrano – Union

19.00 Independent – ​​Banfield

19.00 Sarmiento – Godoy Cruz

21.00 Institute – Barracas Central

This is how 14 is played

Workshops vs. Independent

Central Tents vs. Argentines

San Lorenzo vs. Córdoba Central

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