Launching the first Emirati Musicians Association

The Emirati Musicians Association – a non-profit association of public interest under the supervision of the Department of Community Development in Abu Dhabi. The cultural vision of the Emirates and stimulating the artistic and creative movement in the country.

The association consists of 18 founding members of musicians in various artistic fields, and 9 members were chosen for the association’s board of directors, headed by the composer Ihab Darwish, and the members: Tariq Al-Minhali, Hamad Al-Ta’i, Eman Al-Hashemi, Ali Rashid, Ilham Al-Marzouqi, Saqr bin Khalid Al-Qasimi, Muhammad Al-Jahuri and Tarish Khamis Al-Hashemi.

On this occasion, Ihab Darwish, the president of the association and the composer, spoke during the launch ceremony about the objectives of the association and its role in empowering Emirati musicians and supporting talents .. He said that the association aims to develop and empower the Emirati musicians community, set and consolidate professional standards for them, educate and develop the talents and skills of new generations, and raise their distinction in addition to Promoting the local musician industry and introducing it to the world.

He added that the association has several tasks, most notably identifying and discovering musical talents in the UAE, establishing a database of musicians of various artistic experiences, providing support in representing musicians in national and international forums, platforms and events, and facilitating communication between local musicians and artists locally and globally.

He explained that the association is working on implementing training programs by developing specialized and multi-stage musical programs according to the skill and experience of singers and soloists, in coordination with strategic partners, and implementing theoretical, educational, musical courses in cooperation with specialists and technicians in various musical fields.

Darwish emphasized that the association plays an important role as a reference system for music in the country in issuing permits to practice musical professions, similar to international associations and unions, in cooperation with the competent authorities, building bridges of cooperation with musical associations in the Gulf Cooperation Council countries, the Arab world and the world, and activating the role of Emirati artists by providing cooperation opportunities. In various artistic fields such as photography, art direction, graphic and design.

He pointed out that the association will work to empower the national system for music education, improve arts education in the UAE, and coordinate with specialized agencies to develop proposals for musical educational curricula and programs to prepare a new generation of emerging talent, including the adoption of global educational programs GCSE for arts and music in accordance with the systems and standards adopted in the country.

For her part, Elham Al Marzouqi, a musician and cellist, considered that the establishment of the association is the greatest support for all expert musicians and promising talents in various fields and the creation of a new generation musically educated through educational and training programs provided by the association as well as empowering Emirati musicians to be the best ambassadors of the UAE in internal and external forums and various Artistic Events.. expressing her pride in being chosen as Vice-Chairman of the Board of Directors, stressing that she will volunteer all her experiences and musical capabilities in the service of the Association.

The artist and composer Tariq Al-Minhali expressed his pride in being chosen as the second vice-chairman of the association’s board of directors and secretary, considering it a great responsibility for him and every musician in the association.

He said that the role of the association comes in empowering Emirati musicians inside and outside the country and representing the musicians and singers of the Emirates in international forums and events. Music movement in the Emirates in general

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