Larreta distances himself from speculation and rejects being Massa’s eventual Minister of Economy

The declaration of Sergio Massa where he anticipated that, if he became President, The person you choose as Minister of Economy “will not be from the same political force” generated a strong wave of speculation about possible names. In this framework, whoever entered the list of chances was Horacio Rodríguez Larretawho after maintaining a partial distance between the two candidates now in conflict, He came out to clarify his position.

In fact, journalist Luis Majul said last night that he had the answer to that mystery through the words of the outgoing Buenos Aires president himself.. “Horacio Rodríguez Larreta will not accept to be Sergio Massa’s Minister of Economy if the candidate wins and offers it to him,” Majul stated explicitly in a comment made via Twitter.

X by Luis Majul

“’I already said that I was not going to be part of a K government,’ he clarified to me,” Majul remarked when publishing the verbatim words that, according to him, he obtained from Larreta himself. Majul’s post comes at a key moment of definitions, with the runoff just ten days away.

It is worth remembering that, after the elections on October 22, Larreta chose to maintain a neutral position regarding the consequent runoff scenario between Massa and Milei. “It’s one thing to say vote for me or someone from my party, but now you have to choose. “I’m not the one to tell everyone who they have to vote for.”were his words in statements made at the time.

In this framework, Larreta’s attitude was taken with displeasure in the opposition environment that, after the defeat of Patricia Bullrich, was ordered from the PRO leadership in an immediate alliance of support for Milei, so that the Buenos Aires president was left in a place uncomfortable, almost aligned with the JxC sectors that rebelled against Mauricio Macri and Bullrich for the pact.

Now, with the message launched by Massa, Larreta is committed to clearing up more speculation and distancing himself from any accusation that could begin to suggest a pact with post-electoral Peronism.

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