Lakers’ D’Angelo Russell was quickly caught trying to promote a Coco5 drink again

If you fail once, try, try again.

D’Angelo Russell did just that in another failed attempt to sneak his Coco5 drink, his partner, into a post-match press conference.

After the Lakers’ Game 6 win over the Warriors on Friday for a spot in the Western Conference Finals, Russell guard has arrived at the press conference again hoping to promote a new sports drink, Coco5.

As soon as Russell, 27, sat on the podium with his drink, the same Lakers spokesperson rushed in for a quick grab before questions started coming.

Gatorade is the official sports drink sponsor of the NBA.

Laughter from the media filled the room.

Russell nodded as she did, lifting his sunglasses to catch a glimpse of her before the press conference began.

He later said “Coco5” at the end of the session and a Lakers spokesperson said, “Let’s go,” seriously.

At his first All-Star attempt in April, he battled even more against employees to promote his brand partner.

“This drink. “Put it down,” a Lakers spokesperson said to a bemused Russell, to which he replied, “Why?”

“He is not one of our partners,” the spokesperson said. “But he’s my partner,” Russell denied.

“You have to seduce me. Coco5, and Russell also plugged in the brand.

“You have to take him,” he concluded as the woman snatched him away.

This second attempt will only add to the already growing promotion, thanks to Russell, as this new attempt caught on video already has 3.1 million views as of Sunday afternoon.

Coco5 is owned by Loop Capital Markets founder James Reynolds, and Russell joins Suns’ Devin Booker, Knicks’ Derrick Rose, Charles Barkley, and others in partnership with the firm.

The league has not yet announced a fine for Russell for promoting a non-NBA partner.

Russell and the Lakers kick off their conference championship series against the Nuggets on Tuesday at 8:30 PM ET in Denver.

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