Kolo Mwani requests a transfer to Paris Saint-Germain

Today, German media reports revealed a big surprise about the desire of Randal Kolo Mwani, Eintracht Frankfurt player, to move to Paris Saint-Germain shortly before the end of the summer Mercato.

“Moving to Paris is an exceptional opportunity for me,” Kolo Mwani told Sky TV late on Tuesday. “I would like to move to Paris and I have told the club about it.”

He continued, “I hope that Eintracht Frankfurt will accept the offer from Paris, and that it will allow me to complete this deal.”

It was reported that Kolo Mwani, 24, agreed on the personal terms of the contract with Paris Saint-Germain for a period of five years.

And it was reported that Eintracht Frankfurt wants to get at least 100 million euros ($ 108 million) in exchange for dispensing with the services of Kolo Mwani, who presented tremendous levels last season and participated in the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, which ended with the Argentine national team winning the final over its French counterpart. .

It was reported that Eintracht Frankfurt rejected an offer of 80 million euros from Paris Saint-Germain to include Kolo Mwani, whose contract with Eintracht, the 2022 European League champion, continues until 2027.

Kolo Mwani said: “I owe Frankfurt a lot. I cherish the fans and have always been professional. I gave everything I had for the club, but it’s no secret that PSG made a record offer for me.”

The newspaper “Bild” and “Sport 1” reported that Kolo Mwani’s statements did not have a good reaction in the club, and the club may not have approved them.

And it was reported that Eintracht coach Dino Topmoeller includes Kolo Mwani in his plans for the match scheduled for tomorrow, Thursday, against Levski Sofia in the European Conference League qualifying round.

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