Kansas City Chiefs defeat the Miami Dolphins: Frankfurt loves American football

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Beginning of an ultimately unsuccessful comeback: Dolphins running back Raheem Mostert (center) celebrates after his touchdown.
Beginning of an ultimately unsuccessful comeback: Dolphins running back Raheem Mostert (center) celebrates after his touchdown. © Arne Dedert/dpa

The Kansas City Chiefs win against the Miami Dolphins 21:14 in the Waldstadion – the perfect advertisement for the sport. Much praise for the place.

Almost 7,593 kilometers separate the Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City from the kick-off point in the Waldstadion in Frankfurt. In the most important game of the ninth game day of the National Football League, the Kansas City Chiefs had a home game against the Miami Dolphins this Sunday – actually. Because quarterback Patrick Mahomes has not yet thrown his first pass further away.

The first pass landed in the arms of, of all people, Marquez Valdes-Scantling. Before leaving Kansas City, the Chiefs wide receiver complained about having to travel so far. It was only his 13th catch in the ninth game – that’s not special. Some had previously suggested that perhaps he should concentrate on improving his game instead of complaining.

In the end, all of the 100 or so players on the two football teams were highly concentrated. The game in Frankfurt meets the high expectations. The reigning champion from Kansas City won 21:14. It was exciting until the end. The completely sold out Waldstadion was upside down.

There was a rumor that the Chiefs were far too tired to start the game awake given their late arrival. Six teams have played since 2019. The teams that arrived earlier won five times. Mahomes belied everyone and scored the first touchdown in the first attack after less than three minutes.

Short pass to Rashee Rice, who was able to carry the ball elegantly into the end zone. What a dignified, sports-aesthetic start to the first NFL game in Frankfurt. And at the same time a statement from the reigning champion from Kansas City. Recently, Mahomes had only rarely placed effective passes at these positions. Right from the start he used his two wide receivers extremely successfully.

“They roar in attack and defense,” head coach Andy Reid had already mentioned in advance, one of the big differences between US fans and the European crowd. It was loud in Munich, but the 50,000 fans in Frankfurt raised the decibel level significantly. And there was another difference to Munich: While many people there complained about the slippery grass, everyone was thrilled with the surface in Frankfurt. “It was difficult in the Super Bowl, but in Frankfurt it was perfect,” praised safety Bryan Cook after the game.

It’s halftime in the NFL season, both teams started with six wins and two defeats with good chances of making the playoffs in Frankfurt.

Many expected star attacker Tyreek Hill to lead the best offense against the Chiefs. He couldn’t live up to expectations. On the contrary. The Dolphins were shut out with zero points in the first half and Kansas City scored three touchdowns. The irony is that cornerback Trent McDuffie, of all people, took the ball and thus made the Chiefs’ third touchdown possible. Hill was released in 2021 so that McDuffie could join the team in 2022.

The Dolphins started 0:21 after the break. Instead of being super snoring, it was an awakening game. Eleven minutes into the third quarter, wide receiver Cedrick Wilson caught the Dolphins’ first touchdown.

It almost looked like the tipping point when Patrick Mahomes was pushed outside the field shortly afterwards without the referees suspecting it. The Dolphins showed how fast American football can be played: They built up enormous pressure until running back Raheem Mostert unstoppably carried the red-brown ellipsoid of rotation into the Chiefs’ end zone.

Showdown in the last minute: Dolphins quarterback Tua Tagovailoa decided to play the fourth attempt just before the Chiefs’ end line – only to drop the faceoff ball.

Once again it gets really loud at the Waldstadion. Thousands of Chief fans who traveled along celebrate with the European football lovers. The best summary comes from the owner of the Kansas City Chiefs, who traveled to Germany with his wife and daughter: “Frankfurt loves American football.”

The post first appeared on www.fr.de

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