“Justice”: 6,000 commercial reconciliation documents issued through “consensual agreement”

The Reconciliation Center at the Ministry of Justice has concluded more than 6,000 commercial cases through reconciliation, via the Taraji electronic platform, away from lawsuits and court corridors, through easy and quick procedures, in order to achieve the objectives of the “Activating the Reconciliation System” initiative, one of the initiatives of the National Transformation Program within the vision of 2030.

The Reconciliation Center provides reconciliation services through the Taradhi digital platform taradhi.moj.gov.sa. It aims to spread a culture of reconciliation in society. To become the preferred alternative for resolving disputes, through qualified conciliators specialized in various conflict paths, within institutional procedures and approved legislation. Which contributes to creating a safe investment environment.

The reconciliation documents issued by the platform are executive bonds that can be implemented through the enforcement judiciary in the event of a breach of the agreements recorded in the document. The journey of the beneficiary of the services of the “Tarafi” platform has also witnessed an improvement with the launch of a number of advantages and characteristics, which contribute to facilitating and accelerating reconciliation procedures, and reducing the burden and human effort. In addition to implementing electronic integration with internal entities, exchanging data between systems and improving the infrastructure to ensure system stability.

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