Julieta Nair Calvo denied two great myths that are said about her: I was not a couple…

“I already did the novel El Host with Adrián and we became a couple,” He started counting. “Let’s deny… I told this to La Chiqui,” she launched and then the driver interrupted her and added: “Two things you denied in your career.”

“One, I didn’t get a nose job, and the second is that I wasn’t Adrián Suar’s partner, guys,” the actress highlighted. To close, Calvo chose from the options that Dente gave Natalí: “I never had a kiss on the cheek scene with her.”

The cry of ‘El Conejo’ Quiroga when remembering his hard childhood: “We have spent weeks…”

Alexis ‘The Rabbit’ Quiroga was a guest at Night Al Dente (America TV) and he became emotional when remembering his difficult childhood in General Cabrera, Córdoba.

Driver Fer Dente He spoke with the former Big Brother from his childhood and the man from Córdoba revealed: “We have gone through weeks of tea and salty dough, without eating. Over there they call water cookies dough. They ate stew from time to time.”

Through tears, the ‘Cone’ expressed: “I always thank them. Today I am happy to see them and have them.” There, the presenter noted: “I imagine how proud they must be of you.”

The Bailando 2023 participant responded excitedly: “I’m more proud of them.”

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