Jorge Rey advances a panorama of snowfalls and deluges in 2024

“This winter and spring, the birds, the winds and their behaviors make us see now and for several months now the arrival of humidity in Spain. What’s more, last year the snow in the mountains did not last long between the high temperatures and the lack of snowfall, but this year it seems that it will be the other way around,” says Jorge Rey.

In a recent video posted on his YouTube channel, The young 17-year-old meteorologist who gained notoriety for anticipating the arrival of the storm Filomena, has shared his weather predictions for the winter of 2024.

Using the traditional method of the cabañuelaswhich observes the first 12 days of January to forecast the year’s weather, Rey has revealed an unusual panorama marked by snowfall and deluges.

In contrast to last winter, characterized by a lack of snowfall in the mountains due to high temperatures, this year a change is expected. According to Rey, the 2023-2024 season will see an increase in rainfall, making it an exceptionally wet period.

The young meteorologist, recognized for his accurate predictions, emphasizes that water will be the protagonist in the coming months, suggesting a change in the climatic trend. Besides, highlights the possible influence of ‘El Niño’, anticipating floods and snowfall during the winter of next year.

The young man from Burgos also shares his vision for Christmas. Although it is still early, Rey suggests a cold winter, but with a mild atmosphere during the Christmas seasonavoiding extreme temperatures but predicting persistent rains.

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The cabañuelas method, which Rey uses to make his predictions, is based on observing the behavior of meteorological conditions during the first 12 days of January. This traditional technique has proven to be effective, as demonstrated by its anticipation of Storm Filomena.

Before the arrival of Christmas, Jorge Rey has explained that meteorological instability will be a reality. According to the cabañuelas method that the young man uses, this dynamic will be repeated in December. “We will see first fortnights of less stability and second fortnights of greater stability”he ventures to assure.


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