Jordan.. 3 wanted persons convicted of terrorism cases were killed in a clash with a security force


The media spokesman for the Public Security Directorate in Jordan, Colonel Amer Al-Sartawi, said that a special security force raided the location of 3 wanted persons in terrorist cases, and clashed with them near the border strip in the southeast of the Kingdom, which led to the death of the wanted persons.

Al-Sartawi indicated, in a statement published by the Directorate on its website, that two of the wanted men had escaped from a reform and rehabilitation center a few days ago, while the third is one of the main wanted persons in what is known as the Husseiniya cell, which is accused of several cases, including the killing of a senior officer in Public Security.

The Directorate’s spokesman stated that the investigations confirmed that the wanted persons were armed, using a vehicle and moving in desert areas in the southeast of the Kingdom.

The statement said that the special security force, which raided the whereabouts of the wanted persons, “applied the rules of engagement with them, after they fired heavy bullets at the force,” stressing that there were no injuries among the security forces.

He emphasized that the investigation committee formed, related to the incident of the two inmates’ escape from a reform and rehabilitation center, is still continuing its investigations to hold accountable all those who prove negligent or negligent in the incident.

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