Jewelry thief Juri Bakr was arrested hours after the theft, and she abdicated!

A few hours after the artist, Juri Bakr, reported that her bag had been stolen while she was leaving Cairo International Airport for her home after returning from a trip outside the country, the airport police were able to arrest the thief, as it turned out that he was a driver in a passenger transport company, and when confronted, he confessed to committing the theft.

The security services had received a report from the artist, Juri Bakr, that her bag was missing as she boarded a car belonging to a passenger transport company to head to her place of residence. It contained jewelry, clothes, and a valuable iron, valued at a quarter of a million pounds.

By conducting investigations using modern technical techniques, the vehicle referred to was identified, and it was found that it was in the possession of a driver, and that he was behind the perpetration of the incident, and he was arrested.

Juri Bakr decided to waive the report after recovering her bag with all its contents, and she sent a letter of thanks to the Cairo Airport detectives for their efforts and quick response in arresting the accused and their assistance to her.

It is noteworthy that Juri Bakr’s latest artistic work, the series “Jaafar Al-Omda”, was shown last Ramadan season, and achieved great success on the Egyptian and Arab levels, and topped the list of the most watched on the “Watchit” platform inside and outside Egypt, and the “Shahid” platform outside Egypt.

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