Jeddah Summit.. A new Arab path, regionally and internationally

Indeed, the Jeddah summit is unusual, as it witnesses a wide momentum of meetings between Arab leaders and leaders and entering into serious political discussions in order to reach a final statement that meets the aspirations and aspirations of the peoples of Arab countries, especially in light of the conditions that many Arab countries are going through, especially Palestine, with what is happening. Israeli violations, in addition to the deteriorating conditions in Sudan and internal strife, in addition to expanding the circle of Arabs to contain the Syrian crisis.

Since the first day of the summit, many meetings were held between the foreign ministers of the Arab countries, in addition to the activity of the Secretary-General of the League of Arab States, Ahmed Aboul Gheit, with hot files, and most of this political movement works to reach a final statement befitting the level of the summit.

The surprise at the summit and the advanced political step is the presence of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky before heading to Japan to attend the summit of the seven countries. The second surprise is the presence of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad for the first time in 12 years, as the news of his arrival was confirmed one day ago, in light of speculation that he would not attend. However, these two surprises were the main address of the Jeddah Summit.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia worked with all its political capabilities to achieve a remarkable presence at the highest levels among the leaders of the Arab countries. In view of the importance of the Arab stage and the diligent work it needs to extinguish the fires burning everywhere in the Arab world.

Observers in the corridors of the Arab League believe that the return of Syria to occupy its seat would contribute to resolving the crisis, but the matter requires different levels in dealing with the Syrian crisis, and perhaps the beginning of the presence of President al-Assad.

As for the presence of the Ukrainian president at the summit and his speech before the Arab leaders, they bear many meanings at the international level, especially since the Arab League took a clear position from the beginning of the Russian-Ukrainian war, which is the call to stop the fighting and open the door to dialogue between the two countries.

Observers believe that the Arab countries want to have a positive role in easing the Russian-Ukrainian tension, and some may say that the Arab League really wants to be a party to resolving the problems between Russia and Ukraine.

Certainly, according to the Ukrainian-Russian-Ukrainian-Arab relations, the Arabs have the ability to play this role to solve the Ukrainian problem, and perhaps the emergence of the Arab role on the international stage at this time reflects the magnitude of international changes, and the rise of new powers of its kind, especially since the Arab countries are now at the center of the storm. on the security, political and economic levels.

Therefore, Arab attempts to correct the Arab path will be the beginning of Arab action, not joint action, but the beginning of Arab emergence on the international stage. It is expected that the Jeddah summit will be the beginning of a new Arab path at the Arab, international and regional levels.

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