Jeddah astronomer: “Suhail star”, the beginning of the countdown to the end of the summer season

The Astronomical Society in Jeddah said, “The features of the beginning of the countdown to the end of the summer season 2023 in the region began to loom on the horizon, with the beginning of the appearance of the star Suhail, as it is observed with the naked eye from the south of the Arabian Peninsula until its middle today, August 24 of each year.

And the Jeddah astronomer explained (on her Facebook page) that the star of Suhail is considered one of the stars that have been most interested in since ancient times in the Arabian Peninsula, because in conjunction with its appearance, the angle of fall of the sun’s rays decreases and the day begins to gradually shorten and the end of the night cools significantly, and the sun begins to tend towards the south. After it was vertical at the beginning of the summer, so the Arabs were rejoicing in the emergence of this star.

And the Jeddah astronomer added that the star Suhail is 313 light-years away from our planet, and it is the brightest star among the group of stars “Carina”, the southern base, and the second brightest star at night after Sirius.

And the Jeddah astronomer confirmed that the Suhail star has no effect on the weather conditions, neither from near nor from afar, like other stars – with the exception of the sun -, but this star is just a “sign” only, its appearance coincides with the beginning of the seasonal change and the transition towards the autumnal equinox.

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