Javier Milei’s alarming insistence on identifying with Margaret Thatcher | During the presidential debate ahead of the runoff

During the presidential debate prior to the runoff of the Elections 2023, Javier Mileycandidate of La Libertad Avanza, He reiterated his affinity with Margaret Thatchera position that had already caused controversy

It is worth remembering that in June 2022 in an interview he gave to the magazine Semana de Colombia the libertarian said “I feel very identified, in historical terms, with Churchill, with Reagan and with Margaret Thatcher.”

When asked at that time which rulers of the world he identified with, the libertarian referred to the english prime minister during the war in Falkland Islands. He also mentioned the former English minister, Winston Churchill and the former president of the United States, Ronald Reagan.

His statements about Thatcherknown as the “Iron lady“caused strong criticism on social networks, some that even came from those who previously defended their economic policies and ideas.”WITH THATCHER? Sorry Javier. I came this far. The Falklands are Argentine“, wrote at that time, the lawyer Carlos Maslatón a Twitter.

In that same interview, when asked what his relationship would be with left-wing governments if he were elected president, he said: “I am not going to promote nor am I going to promote trade and relations with left-wing governments. If the decision of the private sector is to market and have ties with them, it is their problem, I don’t deal with the mamertos.”

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