Its floor is foldable and covered with a movable roof.. Setting the date for the opening of the Santiago Bernabéu stadium in its new look

A Spanish report shed light on developments in the development of the Santiago Bernabeu stadium, the stronghold of Real Madrid, which is moving at an accelerated pace in order to open it soon.

And the newspaper “Marca” confirmed that the Real Madrid stadium will be completely ready in its new look next December.

The stadium, in its new form, is very similar to the giant “Colosseum” in the center of the Italian capital, Rome.

Development work began in 2019, and today the stadium appears differently, as the movable roof made of stainless steel sheets has been completed, which closes all parts of the stadium within 15 minutes, according to “Marca”.

The stadium is also surrounded by several 360-degree screens attached to the ceiling in order to display photos and video clips, in addition to various light shows, whether in matches or on other occasions hosted by the stadium, but work is still in progress on them.

As for the playing field, the grass has turned into something like a green carpet, which is also foldable for activities away from football.

The Spanish newspaper indicated that the grass floor will completely disappear in concerts and events in order to maintain its quality, in addition to that this will make the stadium an ideal destination for musical performances.

Indeed, the Real Madrid stadium, in its new look, will host the first concert on May 30, 2024, and it will be performed by American singer Swift Taylor.

The concert of singer Taylor will not be the only one that the stadium will host in its new look, as the official website of Real Madrid has revealed the dates of two other concerts.

Argentine rapper Mauro Ezequiel Quiroga, known as “Rocky”, will perform at the Santiago Bernabeu on June 8, 2024, while the Spanish singer Manuel Carrasco will perform on the 29th of the same month.

Returning to the stadium, the change will also affect the fans’ seats on the stands, which will change from light blue to “dark” dark blue, which are procedures that work has already begun on.

Fans or party-goers will be able to enjoy spending their time in the shops and restaurants that will be equipped at the new Santiago Bernabéu.

The Real Madrid administration is working on building a “Vegas” museum, in which all the titles achieved by the club will be displayed, in addition to the historical shirts of the most prominent legends, as well as three-dimensional light and interactive shows. The museum is expected to be available to visitors and fans this summer.

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