It recycled 173 tons of polyester.. Qatar uses World Cup waste to manufacture new products

The Supreme Committee for Delivery and Legacy revealed the use of the remnants of the 2022 World Cup in the manufacture of new products, in the context of Qatar hosting the most sustainable and environmentally friendly version in the history of the World Cup.

Today, Sunday, the Supreme Committee stated that more than 173 tons of materials made of polyester, which were used in the form of promotional materials, barriers, and others during the world championship, are currently being recycled in a factory in Saudi Arabia, specialized in developing innovative and sustainable solutions, to convert such waste. into a raw material for new industries.

Bodour Al-Mudir, Executive Director of the Sustainability Department at the Supreme Committee for Delivery and Legacy, said, “One of the most important challenges facing the organizers of major sporting events in the past is how to dispose of the polyester materials used during the event in an environmentally friendly manner. Therefore, we were keen to search for the best sustainable solutions to overcome this problem.”

She added, “These efforts led us to cooperate with the Saudi Summit Plastic Factory, and we are pleased with our partnership with the factory, which helps us recycle tons of materials that were usually thrown into landfills. This reinforces the status of the Qatar World Cup 2022 as a milestone in terms of sustainability in major sports tournaments.”

It is noteworthy that the recycling of materials made of polyester that were used during the World Cup is part of many environmental projects for the World Cup. waste into energy.

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