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The 40 degrees of temperature that affected the city of Salta today, Saturday, generated a noticeable increase in the use of water and the consequent drop in reserves in the Alto Molino cisterns, which supplies the macro and micro center of the city, where it is concentrated. the largest number of inhabitants of the city.

During this afternoon, in addition, there was an unusual demand for assistance with tanker trucks in buildings in Salta, since their reserve tankers were depleted due to strong internal consumption and they are complex systems to recover.

It should also be clarified that the high temperatures caused a decrease in flow in the collection sources both in El Encón and in the Finca Las Costas Reserve, which supply the Alto Molino establishment, on which a good part of the city depends.

Faced with this situation, and taking into account that high temperatures will continue in the coming days, the Company that provides the service recommends limited use of the resource to optimize reserves.

Particularly in buildings or housing consortia, maintenance areas are recommended to carry out periodic controls of the internal cistern reserves to regulate the use of water in the buildings, taking into account that the recovery of these systems when they are emptied is very complex. .

Aguas del Norte shares some recommendations to take care of water and remembers that each person is capable of making a difference with small changes in behavior.

– Do not let the water run from the taps unnecessarily while washing kitchen utensils or leave the shower open before bathing.

– Do not defrost food with water. It is better to take them from the freezer to the refrigerator as soon as necessary, instead of putting it under running water.

– Brush your teeth using a glass of water, preventing the water from running, taking into account that it is an activity that is carried out several times a day.

– Do not use the hose for household washing such as the sidewalk, patio or car. It can be done with a bucket with the same result.

– Close the faucets tightly to avoid wasting the resource.

– Do not use the toilet as a trash can or garbage can; In this way, unnecessary discharges are avoided and the sanitation system is also taken care of.

– Wash dishes after eating to use less water and effort to remove food remains.

– Use the washing machine only with full loads to do fewer washes, minimizing water waste.

– Take care of the water in the pools. It is recommended to cover them when they are not in use to prevent the entry of leaves and dust, as well as to use the necessary products to keep it clean. In this way the pool is preserved and it is not necessary to change the water.

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