“It came by mutual consent.” Rubiales seeks to clear himself of the famous “kiss” crisis

Spanish reports revealed today, Wednesday, that Luis Rubiales, president of the Spanish Football Federation, is trying to clear himself of the accusations leveled against him after kissing Jennifer Hermoso, the star of the La Roja team that won the last women’s World Cup.

And Rubiales sent a video clip to the International Federation of Football Associations “FIFA”, in which he seeks to clarify that the player Jennifer Hermoso was talking in a kind of joke about kissing her, which means that it was not intentional.

Today, Wednesday, the electronic newspaper “El Espanyol” showed a video clip that it said was filmed on the Spanish women’s national team bus after the 2023 World Cup final match that ended with the victory over the England national team, and after Rubiales kissed Hermoso on the mouth during the celebrations before the coronation ceremony on the stadium.

Hermoso appeared in the video showing a picture of the moment of the kiss on her phone, along with a picture of former Spain goalkeeper Iker Casillas giving a kiss to journalist Sara Carbonero, his current wife, after the Spanish national team won the 2010 World Cup.

The players sang “kiss” and “president” as Rubiales passed them on the bus.

Rubiales insists that the kiss was consensual, and he refused to resign despite the wave of sharp criticism leveled at him and the demand of many for his departure from office, at a time when Hermoso said that the kiss was not consensual.

FIFA imposed a temporary ban on Rubiales and launched disciplinary investigations, but it appears that Rubiales is trying to clear himself in the new video.

The Sports Administrative Court of Spain is also conducting investigations into Rubiales’ behavior.

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