It broke out between 80 people from two Syrian and Lebanese families.. How did a children’s quarrel turn into a “major battle” in Germany?

A quarrel between two Syrian and Lebanese families sparked widespread controversy among the pioneers of social media platforms, as a children’s quarrel turned into a battle involving 70 to 80 people from both families.

And the program “Shabakat” (18/6/2023) followed the details of the story that took place in Germany, where the two families lived side by side in the same building. After their children quarreled, the quarrel moved to the parents, and each family summoned its members from all the cities of Germany for the “great battle” and revenge in the city of Castrop-Ruxelle.

The participants in this quarrel used various weapons such as batons, sticks, knives, and poles, and one of them resorted to using his car to crash into all the other cars of the family in a public parking lot.

For its part, the German security authorities intervened and sent more than 10 patrols to break up the fight and reinforcements from ambulances and a helicopter. The authorities also closed the place, prevented traffic, and arrested 20 people, and the search is still going on for the rest.

As for the injuries caused by the fight, they were multiple and ranged from light to severe wounds, as 4 light injuries and 2 serious injuries were recorded, in addition to a man who was stabbed in the stomach with a knife and his life was threatened.

wide interaction

The pioneers of social media platforms interacted greatly with the incident, as the activist Mido Yasser saw that such behavior distorts the image of the Arabs and wrote, “By God, it is a shame … O stranger, be a writer. “.

As for the tweeter Ghaffar, he commented sarcastically, “The important thing is that the children played and were happy with their minds, Fayrouz Shubdi in the country. May God leave the children.”

As the activist Susan wrote in her tweet, “The German movement has become calm and depressing.”

For his part, tweeter Qutayba demanded that strict legal measures be taken and said, “It is best to withdraw residencies, withdraw nationalities, and deport.” With a ban on entering the European Union, so that they become an example for both parties, any solution that is not calm will keep problems and tensions running.

It is noteworthy that the matter did not stop at this point, but the clashes were renewed in the city of Essen, which is located in the same state, and most of its immigrants are from Lebanese and Syrian families.

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