Is it possible to issue a driver’s license with an expired ID? Traffic answers

The General Traffic Department has made it clear that validity of the national identity is a prerequisite for issuing a driving license.

Conditions for issuing a driving license

The traffic clarification came within the framework of her interaction with a beneficiary’s inquiry, which she received through her official account on the “Twitter” website, and it came to the effect: “Can I see my expired license and identity?”

The response of the Traffic Department was as follows: “The identity must be valid. Thank you for reaching out.”

Requirements for issuing a driving license

1- Completion of the age of 18.

2- He should not have been convicted by a court ruling of drug use, distribution or possession.

3- Safety from diseases and disabilities that hinder driving.

4- Pass the driving test.

5- Pay the fees.

6- Settling the violations, if any.

7- A regular residence permit is required for non-Saudis.

Renewal of the national identity card

The national identity card can be renewed online by following the following steps:

Log in to the Absher platform and click on the Services option from the My Services tab.

Select the civil status and click on the national identity renewal icon.

Read the correct cases of the image and upload the personal image as required.

Choose the address to receive the national ID and pay the delivery fees.

Steps to renew driving license

The driver’s license can be renewed through Absher through the following steps:

Enter the (Absher) system portal from here

Select (My Services).

Select traffic services from the list of electronic services.

Select the service (Driving License Renewal).

Click on (select license).

Specify the type of license (private driving license) and the number of years (2-5-10 years).

– Click on (Next).

Confirm the renewal.

The license is renewed.

Receive the driver’s license after renewal

The Traffic Department explained how to receive the driver’s license after renewal, by receiving the renewed vehicle’s driving license through the Wasel postal service, by Saudi Post, at any place and at any address specified by the citizen.

The driver’s license can be received after renewal through the following steps:

Log in to the Absher platform.

– Choose the driver’s license receipt or the driver’s license.

Specify the address and it will be delivered.

In order to deliver the driving license after renewal, the citizen must have a national address registered in the Wasel service via Saudi Post.

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