Iraqi Oil Ministry: We have not reached a final agreement with Saudi companies to invest in gas

The Iraqi Oil Ministry revealed in a statement yesterday (Thursday) that no final agreement had yet been reached during the talks that took place between the ministry and Saudi companies, including Aramco, regarding investment in the oil and gas sector.

The Ministry of Oil stated that the talks that took place between the Ministry of Oil and the Saudi Ministry of Energy included inviting Saudi companies to invest in the oil and gas sector, including Aramco, to invest and participate in the development of the Crutch oil field in Anbar Governorate. The Ministry hopes to reach an agreement that enhances the prospects for bilateral cooperation between the two countries. the two brotherly countries, and in a way that serves common interests, and Aramco is studying cooperation mechanisms in this context. The ministry indicates that it will announce the terms and mechanisms of the agreement in case a final agreement is reached.

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