Iran: Ukraine accuses us of obtaining Western aid

Tehran accused Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky of promoting anti-Iranian propaganda when he demanded that it stop supplying drones to Russia, and said that his statements aimed at obtaining more weapons and financial aid from Western countries.

Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Nasser Kanaani said that the Ukrainian president’s statements on Iran are attempts to mislead public opinion and a political play accompanied by false and worthless allegations, as he put it.

He stressed that Zelensky’s repetition of his allegations against Iran is an attempt to participate in the media war against Iran and the Iranian people, and to attract more military aid from Western countries.

Kanani renewed Iran’s opposition to the war between Ukraine and Russia, stressing the need to find political solutions to end it as soon as possible.

A message to the Iranian people

Zelensky sent a message to the Iranian people accusing the Iranian government of providing Russia with drones and participating in the war against his country, asking Tehran to stand on the right side of history, as he put it.

The Ukrainian president called on Iran to stop slipping into the “dark side of history” resulting from providing Moscow with drones.

Iran initially denied supplying Shahed drones to Russia, but later said that it provided it with a limited number of them before the start of the Ukrainian conflict, while Ukraine says that drones play a major role in Russia’s attacks on cities and infrastructure.

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