Iran reveals thwarting the “biggest plot” to sabotage its missile program and accuses Israel

Iranian state media reported today, Thursday, that Tehran had thwarted what it described as the “biggest sabotage plot” against the country’s missile, aviation and space military industries, accusing Israel of being behind it.

The official Iranian news agency, “IRNA”, quoted an official in the Information Protection Agency of the Iranian Ministry of Defense, that what he described as a professional network. She planned, in cooperation with some hackers, to insert defective parts into the wheel of advanced missile production at the Missile Industries of the Ministry of Defense.

The source added that this network sought, under direct guidance from the Israeli Foreign Intelligence Service (Mossad), to convert the missiles produced through the sale of equipped parts, into explosive devices to hit industrial lines and employees working in this field. Announcing the arrest of the network’s members and “neutralizing its operations,” as he put it.

The Iranian military official described the intelligence and security operation that led to the dismantling of the network as “the most complex in recent years,” noting that Israel had suffered a “fiasco” by thwarting its plan.

There was no immediate comment from Israel on the matter.

Over the past years, both Tehran and Tel Aviv, which classify the other as an enemy, have announced thwarting attacks and plans to carry out attacks on the other side.

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