Interned, Gerardo Morales responded to Milei for his statements about the “Present State”

Gerardo Morales crossed Javier Milei for his statements about the "Present state"
Gerardo Morales crossed Javier Milei for his statements about the “present State”

The governor of Jujuy and president of the UCR, Gerardo Moralesreacted harshly through an open letter, to a criticism raised by the presidential candidate of La Libertad Avanza, Javier Mileywhen He was admitted to a Buenos Aires clinic for an infection. The libertarian leader had published a scathing phrase against the radical leader the day he entered a private health center: “Here is the defender of public health and the State present,” he wrote.

“I’m going to take a break from my hospitalization and some medical tests that I’m doing, to tell you some things. The truth Javier Milei: you don’t understand anything. It’s a shame. Your joy in the face of a political adversary’s health situation doesn’t bother me so much. What worries me is that you continue to deny the need for a public health and education system, as well as the concept of a present State for the Argentine people that you aspire to lead,” he stated.

In a message that was published by with which more than half of Argentines are either indigent, or poor, or informal workers. This entire majority of the Argentine population does not have social work (later I explain how the social work system works and its interaction with the public and private health subsystems. I do it later because a lot of information at once can make you dizzy and perhaps make you dizzy. generate some violent reaction).”


Morales has been having a strong counterpoint with Milei – and also with Mauricio Macri – that worsened after the former president decided to support him to face Sergio Massa in the runoff. The president of radicalism promoted a statement from the party that distanced itself from that pact and stated that they would “never” support the libertarian leader.

“It is so important that there is a system of access to public health, for this enormous majority of Argentines, that guaranteeing them equal access with the highest possible quality of care is an obligation of the State,” Morales considered and then gave a description of all the measures he took during the eight years of his two terms as governor, including the construction of the largest hospital in the province.


Furthermore, he added: “All of this, among many other investments, was carried out with the effort of the province’s own public funds, being the largest investment in public health in the history of Jujuy. I did it with the conviction of strengthening the public health care system, decentralizing it and always reaffirming the concept of PRESENT STATE (which does not enter your head).”

He also defended the public university and continued: “I am sure that these data and concepts may not change your mistaken and petty view of life in the slightest. There are many other arguments in favor of defending health and public education. I don’t want to overwhelm you with so much information because I want to take care of your head. Your attempt to disqualify me does not discredit the need for a public health system for the country.”

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