Inma Cuesta’s ‘zasca’ to David Broncano when asked about money

The resistance this Wednesday had a new exceptional guest, Inma Cuesta. The actress, who sat at the Príncipe de Gran Vía Theater, in Madrid, to present her latest film The favor before the Movistar Plus+ audience, he did not hesitate to put David Broncano. And even more so when it came to responding to the famous Classic Questions of the program.

In fact, the interpreter went so far as to reply and even throw out the odd joke, not only to avoid answering the aforementioned questions about sex in the last month and money in the bank, but also to find out the comedian’s financial amount, who always boasts of being “lined”.

Inma Cuesta responds to the 'Classic Questions' of 'La Resistencia'

Inma Cuesta responds to the ‘Classic Questions’ of ‘La Resistencia’


The part of the Classic Questions It’s one of the funniest on the show. Who doesn’t want to gossip about the sexual relations or the money they have in the bank of one of the celebrities they like? David Broncano used these two issues at the time to create a signature and he has achieved it. Everyone who goes to The resistance submits to this interrogation.

On this occasion, Inma Cuesta was the last victim. However, the play did not go well for the presenter, or at least as he expected. Regarding sex in the last month, the actress first did not understand how to rate each intimate situation, so the comedian had to clarify it for her.

David Broncano puts on his poker face to not respond to Inma Cuesta

David Broncano puts on his poker face to not respond to Inma Cuesta


But when it was time to respond, Cuesta did not jump into the pool either and had a clear justification. “Do you know what’s happening? That I have been a mother for a few months and, between sleeping and everything… I mean… that, between sleeping and interacting, I prefer to sleep lately. A situation that was applauded by the audience present in the theater.

Applause that Cuesta also received when it was his turn to confess how much money he has in the bank. “I’m not going to tell you,” he blurted out clearly. And, then, he turned the situation around and put the focus on Broncano. “I’m sure I have less than you, you have to be rich,” he snapped at her.

From there, the actress began to throw out figures of how much money the comedian could have in the bank. “You must have at least a million or so. “Me a lot less,” she said. “How much do you have?” she insisted.

“One million? A million and a half? “Two million?” Cuesta asked Broncano while she maintained an undaunted expression without even blinking. Finally, the presenter ended up laughing, but did not reveal what her net worth was.

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