Indian Ambassador to the Kingdom: The Crown Prince’s visit and participation in the summit is important

The Ambassador of the Republic of India to the Kingdom, Dr. Sohail Ijaz Khan, confirmed that the visit of Crown Prince and Prime Minister Prince Mohammed bin Salman to India, and his participation in the Group of Twenty (G20) leaders’ summit, is extremely important for the G20 summit and for bilateral relations between the two friendly countries.

In a statement to the Saudi Press Agency, on the occasion of holding the G20 Leaders’ Summit in India, Ambassador Khan noted the meetings in which the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia participated during the year of India’s presidency of the summit. Which included many aspects, including energy and finance, as well as activities related to the G20, addressing the global cooperation provided by India by holding more than 220 meetings in 60 cities, and receiving 18,000 delegates from more than 115 nationalities.

He said: India’s presidency of the G20 has an essential role in unlocking comprehensive solutions that can solve the most pressing challenges of our time and advance comprehensive development. India assumed the presidency of the G20 in 2023, and brought 19 members (including the European Union), in addition to 9 countries (guests), and 3 regional organizations, and will host more than 40 world leaders.

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