Indian Ambassador: Our consultations with Kuwait enhance the consolidation of common positions

Osama Diab

India’s ambassador to the country, Dr. Adarsh ​​Swaika, described the first round of multilateral consultations that were held recently with Kuwait and the United Nations as very fruitful, pointing out that it is the first ever multilateral international consultations between India and Kuwait, and that the two countries exchanged views on various files and issues on the two arenas. Regional and international, hoping that these meetings will further consolidate common positions. In a statement to reporters on the sidelines of the festival of tasting dishes made from millet grains on the occasion of the International Millet Month in Mughal Mahal Restaurant in Sharq, Sawaika referred to the political consultations between the two countries, which were held in the Indian capital last month, noting that they focused on diversifying areas of cooperation in the sectors of oil, food and pharmaceutical industries. And the health sector, medical tourism, cooperation in the space field and information technology, and the sectors that Kuwait may need. He pointed out that his country pays great attention to spreading awareness of the benefits of millet grain and defining its added value, whether in India or in various countries of the world, explaining that the cultivation of millet grains of all kinds is very popular in India and many countries in Asia and Africa, as it is considered a natural source of security. food in India, due to its high level of protein, as well as its ability to adapt to difficult climatic conditions and requires only a minimum amount of water and fertilizer, compared to other grains.

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