Independiente put together a party to reach the top, but couldn’t beat Banfield and finished third in their group

In the fight to reach the Playoffs of the League Cup, Independiente and Banfield did not take advantage in Avellaneda, where they tied 0 to 0 in a discreet match. El Rojo could not be at the top of Zone A but in the absence of a date to complete the regular phase, they are still among the four that for now qualify for the quarterfinals. On the other hand, the Drill was left in the door due to goal difference and entry will be played on the last day.

Until a few weeks ago, this match between Independiente and Banfield would have been classified as high risk. Not for safety reasons, of course, but because of the latent danger of relegation. Both teams were very committed to the bottom of the annual table.

However, since the arrival of Carlos Tevez, Rojo has turned around and now even dares to fight for the title. And Banfield, led by Julio Falcioni, once again managed to maintain the category, which it achieved last week after beating Colón. And he also wants to go for more.

In any case, between the home team not being able to and the visitor not wanting as much, in the LIbertadores de América there was a tough match, with many obstacles, in which there was more momentum than football.

Independiente took a while to come into play but when they did they took control of the ball. And little by little he progressed on the playing field to reach the rival goal. Especially on the right side. González ran to the center to leave the wing to Mauricio Isla and almost all of Rojo’s attacking plays went that way.

Thus, the Chilean right back had his chance when he entered behind Insúa and his shot was stopped by Cambeses, although he was offside. González also had an opportunity but did not come to fruition. And the Banfield goalkeeper was safe against a shot from Damián Pérez, in the only serious advance by the local team in the left sector in the first half.

Banfield, more liberated after achieving its main objective, went out to play calmly. He stood well on the field of play and did a good compact and collective job to try to prevent Independiente from clearly reaching his area. And to a large extent he succeeded. But Julio Falcioni’s team lacked the audacity to bring danger to the goal defended by Rey.

In the second half, the visiting team continued to play with great discipline to cover all the spaces and not leave any loopholes for their rival. But he started doing it too close to his goal. And he exposed himself to long-distance shots, like one from López that passed close.

From going so much, Independiente began to leave some gaps. And Banfield was attentive to taking advantage of them to counterattack. Like in the play that Bisanz and Emanuel Coronel put together. Banfield’s right back was left alone to finish but deflected his shot before Rey left. And in other runs by the visiting forwards, the goalkeeper was attentive to go out and cut quickly.

Independiente responded with the game of Saltita González but it was not enough. And with the tie, you will have to wait for the last date to ensure classification for the Playoffs.

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