Including 46.5 thousand retirees and beneficiaries… June pensions will be paid tomorrow

The General Pension and Social Security Authority announced the disbursement of pensions for the month of June. Tomorrow, Friday, explaining that the early disbursement of pensions comes before the blessed Eid Al-Adha, in sufficient time to enable the beneficiaries of the pension to manage all the living affairs related to this happy occasion.
The authority indicated that it is keen to adopt the best practices that would enhance the satisfaction and happiness of customers with its services. And she explained that the value of pensions disbursed for this month amounts to about (704,107,177.30) dirhams, an increase of (54,049,217.88 dirhams) over the same month of last year 2022 in which the value of pensions amounted to (650,057,959.42) dirhams, while the number of beneficiaries of the disbursement for this month is about (46,569) beneficiaries with an increase. In the amount of (1,565) for the same month of last year, in which the number of beneficiaries reached (45,004), and these expenses include civilians subject to the provisions of Pensions and Social Security Law No. (7) of 1999, as well as beneficiaries whose files are managed by the Authority on behalf of the Ministry of Finance in accordance with the pension laws to which they are subjected.

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