In the video, Vinicius attacks the Valencia fans, Tebas responds, and the Brazilian president calls for preventing “fascism” from incurring into stadiums

The crisis of Brazilian star Vinicius Jr. has become the focus of conversation in Spain and even topped Twitter, after the racist incident he was exposed to from the fans at the Mestalla stadium during Real Madrid’s defeat against Valencia in the Spanish Football League yesterday, Sunday.

Valencia beat Real Madrid 1-0 in the 35th round of the Spanish League.

Real Madrid ended the match with 10 players after Vinicius was sent off in the seventh minute of calculated time instead of lost for the second half, after Hugo Duro hit Valencia’s player without a ball.

The match was stopped for 5 minutes due to the racist shouts directed at Vinicius from the Valencia fans.

The incident of racism towards Vinicius sparked widespread reactions on various international platforms, and legal personalities from Brazil and Spain interacted with it, and the player’s colleagues in Real Madrid and the royal fans expressed their full sympathy for the young Brazilian star.

Brazilian President Lula da Silva entered the crisis line, declaring his solidarity with Vinicius and calling on FIFA and the Spanish League to prevent “fascism” from penetrating stadiums.

Vinicius’s name appeared in more than 600,000 tweets on Twitter, along with solidarity with the player on other social media, despite being sent off with a direct red card after clashes between Valencia and Real Madrid players during the match, which ended with the bats winning 1-0.

Vinicius comments angrily

Vinicius said – in a tweet via his personal account on Twitter – after the end of the match: “It was not the first time, nor the second, nor the third, because racism is normal in the Spanish League, and the League believes that this is normal, and the federation also does that and encourages opponents.”

He added, “I am very sorry. The championship that used to belong to Ronaldinho, Ronaldo, Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi today belongs to two racists.”

And the angry player continued: “Spain is a beautiful nation that welcomed me and I love it, but it agreed to export the image of a racist country to the world. I am sorry for the Spaniards who do not agree with that, but today in Brazil Spain is known as the country of racists. It happens every week. I agree, but I am strong and I will go to the end against the racists, even if it is far from here.”

For his part, the president of the Spanish Football League, Javier Tebas, attacked the Brazilian player after his tweet, saying in his response to him: “Since the public should not explain what La Liga can do in cases of racism, we have tried to explain it to you and what it can do.” La Liga with racism, but you did not attend either of the two agreed dates that you requested.”

Tebas added, “Before you criticize and distort the Spanish League, it is necessary to teach yourself, Vinicius, and do not allow the opportunity to be manipulated, and make sure that you understand the terms of reference of each party and the work that we do together.”

The Brazilian player returned to respond to Tebas’s attack, writing: “Instead of criticizing the racists, the president of La Liga appeared on social media to attack me.”

And he continued: “As much as you speak and pretend not to read, the image of your heroism shakes. Watch the responses to your posts and get a surprise. I am not your friend for talking about racism. I want measures and penalties. The tag does not move me.”

Valencia club issued a statement after the incident on its website, in which it said: “Within the framework of commitment to the values ​​of respect and sport, the club publicly reaffirms its position against physical and verbal violence in stadiums and regrets the events that occurred during the 35th round of La Liga against Real Madrid.”

He added, “The insults to which any player from the opposing team is subjected have no place in football and are not commensurate with the values ​​and identity of the Valencia club, and the club is investigating what happened and will take the most severe measures.” In the same way, Valencia CF condemns any offense and also demands the utmost respect for our fans.”

As for the President of the Brazilian Football Confederation, Ednaldo Rodriguez, he said in a statement published by the Federation on his official page on Twitter: “How long will we be tested, we are in the middle of the 21st century, and events like those we witnessed again in the Spanish League, how long will humanity remain a mere spectator and partner.” In harsh acts of racism? How long do we need to remember that it is a crime? How long do we have to fight for concrete and effective positions inside the stadiums? and beyond.”

Rodriguez added, “There is no joy where there is racism, and all Brazilian solidarity is with you, Vinnie, and not only you, but everyone who has suffered and is suffering from this global disease, which is racism.”

Real Madrid coach Carlo Ancelotti expressed his grief over what happened at the Mestalla stadium, and wrote on Twitter: “A group of fans showed their worst versions. It’s time to stop talking and act strong. Racism has no place in football or in society. No racism anywhere.

The Spanish Real Madrid players sympathized with their colleague, affirming their complete rejection of any form of racism and defending Vinicius, who is greatly exposed to racism in Spanish stadiums, as Real Madrid goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois tweeted, “There are things that should not happen inside and outside the stadium. No to racism or bigotry.”

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