In decisiveness «the eagle is dangerous»

It was said about the eagle bird, “The eagle has sharp vision and strong eyesight. It can focus on its prey from a height of five kilometers. It focuses its sight on the prey and does not let it lose sight of it until it catches it.”

That is what is expected of the dangerous striker and scorer, the star of Al Hilal club Odoin Ighalo, nicknamed “The Eagle” in order to devour his prey, the goalkeeper of the Japanese club Urawa, “Shusaku Nishikawa”, and visit his net once, two, and there is no objection to three or more in order to guarantee the result and achieve the continental title during the second leg of the Asian final. It will be held at Saitama Stadium. The “Nigerian Eagle” is distinguished by scoring goals in the knockout stages of the AFC Champions League, as it has scored 5 goals so far. All hopes are pinned on Ighalo in particular, and then his teammates to achieve the result before the level to win the Asian title.

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