In Avellaneda, Banfield seeks to affirm its classification position :: News from Lomas de Zamora

No longer worried about relegation, Banfield will visit Independent for the 13th date of the Zone A of the League Cuppursuing an objective that was strengthened once permanence in the First Division was assured, after last Monday’s victory against Colón de Santa Fe 2-1 at the Florencio Sola stadium.

Nicolas Lamolina He will be the referee of the match that will begin at 7 p.m. at the Libertadores de América Ricardo Enrique Bochini stadium. He will be supported by Pablo Gualtieri and Daiana Milone. Fourth Referee: Marcos Recalde. VAR: Adrián Franklin. AVAR: Sebastián Martínez. TV: TNT Sports.

The Drill and the Red They are placed 4th and 2nd respectively, which momentarily qualifies them for the quarterfinals and in the race for the title of the League Cup. The two began this tournament with relegation looming over them and their good campaigns give them the possibility of going for something more.

Con Carlos Tevez On the bench, Independiente is undefeated at home, with three wins and two draws. The only defeat in that condition was on the 1st date against Colón de Santa Fe, which ended in the resignation of Ricardo Zielinski.

Outside of Florencio Sola, Banfield records two draws and one win, without conceding goals. In Avellaneda, they lost the last time they faced each other: 1-0 for the 2022 League, goal from Damián Batallini; but they won the 2029/20 Super League, also 1-0, with both Luciano Lollo.

Since the inauguration of Liberators of America Ricardo Enrique Bochini, In that stadium they played eight games, with a slight advantage in favor of Banfield: four wins, two draws and two losses.

Coach Julio César Falcioni will feature the return of the steering wheel Eric Remedi, who met the suspension date due to accumulation of yellow cards. The man from Entre Ríos will return to ownership instead of Yvo Calleros, who completed 90 minutes in an acceptable manner against Sabalero.

On the home side, the midfielder Federico Mancuellowhich carries a grade 1 distension in the isquotibial, will give way to Lucas González, while Javier Ruiz who has been adding minutes from the bank, will enter for the Colombian Felipe Aguilar.

Probable formations

Independent: Rodrigo Rey; Mauricio Isla, Cristian Báez, Joaquín Laso and Damián Pérez; Braian Martínez, Iván Marcone and Lucas González; Matías González, Javier Ruiz and Alexis Canelo. DT: Carlos Tevez.

Banfield: Facundo Cambeses; Emmanuel Colonel, Alexander Maciel, Aaron Quiros and Emmanuel Insua; Eric Remedi and Ignacio Rodriguez; John Paul Alvarez, Ezekiel Cañete and John Bisanz; Milton Gimenez. DT: Julio Falcioni.

Hour: 19. Referee: Nicolás Lamolina. Estadio: Liberators of America Ricardo Enrique Bochini. TV: TNT Sports.

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