Imprisonment and deportation of 450,000 dirhams for thieves of household contents

A man filed a lawsuit before the Abu Dhabi Court for Family and Civil and Administrative Claims, demanding that two persons (the defendants) be obliged to pay him 450 thousand dirhams, in addition to a compensation of 50 thousand, while obliging them to pay fees and expenses, in return for attorney’s fees, and the value of the consultant’s fees, amounting to 12500 dirhams.

Explaining his case, he said: The defendants committed two thefts to two different places, and that was in the house and apartment that they owned, and these criminal practices caused financial and material losses by seizing a group of money and valuables, and as a result they were referred by the Public Prosecution, and a criminal ruling was issued convicting the first of imprisonment for a year, and the second of deportation from the state.

And when the case was heard before the case preparation office, via videoconferencing technology, and systems for attending the preparation sessions remotely, the lawyer and the representative of the complainant attended, and adhered to the requests according to the case sheet, and the assigned attorney and an attorney for the defendants attended.

to rule

In the rationale for its ruling, the court clarified that what was established in the papers and from the report of the consultant expert concluded that the total value of the stolen sums owed by the defendants amounted to 450 thousand dirhams, noting that the penal ruling decided on the part of the defendant’s commission of the criminal act, which necessitates an answer to the complainant’s request.

Accordingly, the court ruled obligating the two defendants jointly to pay the complainant an amount of 450 thousand dirhams, and an amount of 10 thousand dirhams in compensation for the damages he suffered, bringing the total sums adjudicated to 460 thousand dirhams.

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