Ibrahim Fayek reveals the truth about Zed’s negotiations with Ahmed Fattouh and his position after putting him up for sale

Journalist Ibrahim Fayek revealed the scenes of his conversation with Saif Zaher, CEO of Club Z, and the fact that his club negotiated with Ahmed Fattouh, the Zamalek player, to contract with him in the coming period, following the expiration of his contract with the White Castle at the end of the current season.

Fayek said during his presentation of the “Thalatha Fans” program on the On Time Sports channel: “Saif Zaher assured me that they had reached the furthest point of negotiation, for the player to be with us before the arrival of the current council, but after the arrival of the current council, the position changed and there is a code of honor between the two clubs.” “The story of Futouh will be closed, and the file will not be opened again and the matter is over.”

He added: “Zaher assured me that Fattouh did not obtain a contract offer from Club Z, but currently the stadium is empty after the player was put up for sale, and he assured me that it is impossible to get Fattouh after what happened, because it may be explained that we were the ones who instructed Fattouh to do what he did.” Which he did in order to leave, and the decision is educational from Zamalek towards the player, which makes us not think about including the player.”

Ibrahim Fayek concluded: The executive director of Z Club assured me that they are not a fan club but an institutional club because the player did this and did not take into account the Zamalek fans, and there is no truth to what is being said about Z Club entering into negotiations with Fattouh to be a bridge in favor of the player joining Al Ahly Club.

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