“I have a thousand pains inside me” – What is the truth about the plastic surgery that Houria underwent?

Written by: Yasmine Al-Sawy:

Actress Houria Farghaly posted a picture of herself on social media with a white medical bandage on her nose, and news circulated about her undergoing another rhinoplasty.

Farghaly revealed that undergoing a new plastic surgery on her nose is not true news at all, but she only recalls the memory of her falling from a horse on this day, and she had undergone 17 surgeries, the last of which was a hysterectomy.

Farghaly wrote on the photo: “This is how I am patient in my most severe pains, and I am silent while inside me is a thousand pains. I do not complain to anyone. Concealment is my companion forever, and O Lord, what is written to the point of pain, O Lord.. The last operation, O God, praise be to You. The most difficult pain is that you are Alone in pain.”

The seriousness of nasal injuries

Falling to the ground from a horse or any high place usually leads to severe injuries, and nose injuries may be one of them, and then the injured person is forced to undergo some remedial procedures, according to the NHS website.

If the fracture displaces the bones and cartilage in the nose, the doctor may be able to manually repair it, and this must be done within 14 days of the fracture, preferably before that many days have passed.

In this case, the doctor numbs the nose, may push the cartilage and bones in the nose into place with his fingers, and sometimes, he may need to use special tools to help realign the broken bones and cartilage.

The nose may be placed in a splint with padding on the inside and a bandage on the outside, and sometimes, an internal splint is also necessary for a short time.

If a splint is used, it will usually need to be in place for a week, and the bandage may remain in place for up to two weeks.

The doctor may also prescribe a combination of antibiotics to prevent infection from bacteria that live in the nose.

In severe cases, the doctor may resort to surgery. Severe breaks, multiple breaks, or breaks that have not been treated for more than 14 days may require surgery.

Surgery can realign the bones and reshape the nose. However, if the fracture leads to damage to the nasal septum, which is the middle part that divides the nostril, the person may feel a blockage in the nose, and therefore the doctor recommends reconstructive surgery.

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