I gave myself the time to be well

Some time later, the actress reappeared and said that the reason for her absence was the episodes of anxiety she experienced for personal reasons.

In this regard, this Wednesday Marcelo Tinelli thanked her for her presence on the court despite what she had experienced and she commented: “I wanted to be there but it was a good decision not to be there, because I had to ask for help and give myself the time to be well.“, he said, referring to the invitation they had given him to participate in the competition.

He also added: “If there is something you have to have when something like this happens to you, it is patience, which is the most difficult thing,” he said and to close he joked: “There is no need to be ashamed, because one says ‘medication, crazy,’ but you know what I’m taking,” he said ironically.

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Dani la Chepi’s moving story about her illness

In an open heart talk with Long, The influencer explained that she suffers from anorexia nervosa and he revealed some of the consequences that this eating disorder has brought him. “Many followers tell me ‘oh, how beautiful you are, I wish I had your body!’ And the truth is that it is not a healthy body,” he said. Dani la Chepi.

To then refer to one of the consequences that you have to deal with for suffering from anorexia nervosa. “They told me ‘oh, it’s great that you can wear your daughter’s tights’. What’s so good about that? Not having the strength to lift your daughter? There’s nothing good about that“said the influencer.

“I’m not skinny because I take care of myself, I’m healthy or I train. I’m skinny because I have anorexia nervosa and it’s not good,” highlighted the former “MasterChef Celebrity” participant. Then, Dani la Chepi He talked about what he does to deal with this disorder.

“I try to do things to feel better and combat what I have. “Anorexia is something serious,” Chepi highlighted. “I go to the doctor, I take care of myself, I anticipate my intestinal problems, which are serious. I do therapy, I try to calm down, to be calmer,” the former contestant of MasterChef Celebrity, making it clear that anorexia is a serious health condition.

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