Hurricane Lee reaches Canada and a death is recorded in an American state

Hurricane Lee flooded a number of streets in the Canadian province of Nova Scotia yesterday, Saturday, and caused trees to fall and power outages along the northern coast overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, while the US state of Maine recorded a death related to it.

Electricity was cut off for about 120,000 people on Saturday, after falling trees caused by strong winds cut power lines. In the neighboring province of New Brunswick, nearly 20,000 people suffered from power outages.

In the United States, the administration of President Joe Biden issued an emergency declaration in the states of Maine and Massachusetts as a precautionary measure, with at least one death related to the hurricane recorded yesterday, after a motorcycle rider died in the US state of Maine after a tree fell on his bike, according to local media.

The US National Hurricane Center said in its latest bulletins that Hurricane Lee is moving north after making landfall on Long Island, southeast of the US state of New York.

Meteorologists said that the hurricane, which caused floods and heavy rain on parts of the Maine coast and the coastal region of Canada, is still strong, with maximum wind speeds reaching 100 kilometers per hour and may increase.

Hurricane Lee remained moving over the Atlantic Ocean for more than a week, threatening the Bermuda archipelago in the Atlantic Ocean for a short period without causing human damage on land.

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