Huracán beat Arsenal and was saved from relegation!

The torture was left behind. Hurricane won the match he had to win against Arsenal, scared away the ghosts that haunted Parque Patricios and, after a long time, he stopped suffering. In a very hard-fought match against a relegated opponent who played without pressure, the local team fulfilled its responsibility, Permanence in First was guaranteed and, at the same time, it caught up with River and was the runner-up in Zone A due to goal difference. That’s why the field was a party. That’s why the relief was tremendous. That is why the victory was celebrated almost like a title. That’s why there were fans who even shed tears.

The meeting was a battle against the Globe’s fears. Ball handling was distributed in the first stage. The local attacked with caution, but without completely letting go. He played tied up, conditioned to a certain extent by the fear of error in a context in which any slip could result in a fall. In the Ducó there was a tense calm. And that nervousness did not dissipate even when Mazzantti opened the game. On the other side, Arsenal, already relegated, had no pressure.

Hurricane 11-11-2023

Mazzanti put Hurricane 1-0 up

Once ahead, Huracán let Arse circulate the ball to try to get out quickly after each recovery. Diego Martínez’s team, largely responsible for the uprising, did not want to take the risk of putting pressure and being left in a bad position. The Globo coach had to change the scheme after Alarcón left due to injury since Soñora, his replacement, did not feel comfortable playing the wing. That is why the system mutated from a 4-4-2 to a 4-3-3.

Arsenal, who had nothing to lose, came out to press higher in the complement. He played with the Globe’s nerves, which became more pronounced as the minutes passed. The weight of responsibilities was felt. Mazzantti and Cóccaro did not shine, but they had a lot of sacrifice, they were intelligent and they gave oxygen to the Globe by generating infractions that allowed it to take a breath in the moments of greatest siege.

Huracán won, has gone four games without losing with three wins and now dares to dream of other horizons.

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