Hundreds of earthquakes hit Iceland again

DThe series of earthquakes in Iceland continues. Between midnight and 6 a.m. (local time, 7 a.m. CET) on Sunday, authorities registered around 880 earthquake, as the broadcaster RUV reported. However, all tremors remained below magnitude 3.0. It was therefore much quieter than the previous two nights. However, a volcanic eruption may still occur on the Reykjanes Peninsula, southwest of the capital Reykjavik. However, data from the night showed no change in the magma chambers and did not indicate that activity was approaching the surface.

After an earthquake swarm lasting several days – a specific form of a series of earthquakes – the authorities evacuated the town of Grindavík with around 3,700 residents and also closed the nearby Blue Lagoon, the island’s best-known tourist attraction in the North Atlantic. Photos from the area show deep cracks in the streets and meter-wide holes in the ground. Significant damage to houses is expected. The Icelandic government wanted to discuss the situation at midday.

The new swarm of earthquakes began around two and a half weeks ago. Since then there have been thousands of quakes. Volcanic eruptions had already occurred on the Reykjanes Peninsula in 2021, 2022 and this summer. They were each announced by longer series of earthquakes. There was no danger to populated areas in all three eruptions.

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