How was the Gold Cup with one race remaining until the end of the TC?

German Todino He is used to the heat of fighting. To battle until the end each of the races of the Road Tourism. And never give up. It may seem like a trite phrase, but the reality is that Rivera’s Gaucho demonstrated once again his ability to not give up. In Toay, where the premier category of national motorsports celebrated the 14th round of the championship (the 4th of the Gold Cup), he was left with a real triumph. One that he achieved with his last breath, given that he had to wait 29 laps to overtake Juan Martín Trucco, who seemed to have the victory – the first he was going to achieve in his 195 participations in the TC – in his hands. . So, He reached his third celebration of the year to still dream of the miracle of the title.

Trucco seemed to have the race won. He had not wavered at any time during 29 laps. In fact, he started with speed at the start (Agustín Canapino lost grip and suffered throughout the afternoon so he couldn’t complicate it), he took advantage of the two relaunches and took advantage on the straights. However, Todino never lost track of him. He stood expectantly waiting for the right opportunity to strike. And the gap opened just a few meters from the checkered flag, when he took a better turn, beat the inside part and then, despite the Dodge driver’s claim for a friction, took over the first position.

“It was a friction during full acceleration. Don’t complain, just as you have to know how to win, you also have to know how to lose. I did the chicane better and I won,” said the 23-year-old from Buenos Aires. And he added: “I had a blast all weekend.”

With this victory, Todino climbed to fifth position in the Gold Cup to be 51 points behind the leader. Mariano Werner. Now, it seems difficult to imagine that he will have a chance to fight on December 3 at the Villicum in San Juan against the man from Entre Ríos.

Germán Todino, the winner of the TC in ToayGermán Todino, the winner of the TC in Toay

With 70.5 units at stake in the last race, eight drivers have a mathematical chance of lifting the champion’s cup. However, Zorro de Paraná, with a poor performance in the La Pampa circuit, has all the tickets to win its third title, since it is 38.5 ahead of Santiago Mangoni, the main opponent.

Mariano Werner is the leader of the tournament.Mariano Werner is the leader of the tournament.

TC Gold Cup standings table

2. James Mangoni 133.5

3. Juan Martín Trucco 125

8. José Manuel Urcera 109

9. Christian Ledesma 100.5

10. Jonathan Castellano

11. Gastón Mazzacane 89.5

12. Mauricio Lambiris 65.5

14. Juan Catalán Magni 62.5

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