How to maintain the “iPhone” battery and save energy in it?

Many iPhone users face the problem of rapid depletion of the battery, which is a problem that the “Apple” company that produces the phone seems to be making continuous efforts to find a solution to it, as it added a new feature to its phones that would preserve the battery, extend its life, save energy and reduce the need for recharging.

Although the feature was added by “Apple” to its phones last year, most users are still ignorant of it, and therefore suffer from the problem without knowing that there is a way to reduce it.

A report published by the British newspaper “Daily Mail”, and reviewed by “Al”, shed light on this feature and advised users to activate it immediately in order to preserve their batteries, save energy in them and reduce the need for recharging.

The feature called Optimized Battery Charging is designed to reduce battery wear and improve battery life by reducing the time your smartphone spends fully charged.

According to the newspaper report, Apple says that this feature delays charging the iPhone by more than 80%, using machine learning to learn your daily routine so that optimized battery charging is activated at the right time.

Charging stops at 80% because the battery will chemically age if it always reaches 100% capacity, and other social media users are urging to “always turn on optimized battery charging while charging the phone.”

Beneath those sleek, shiny surfaces, your iPhone’s battery is filled with a complex chemical paste that goes through a high-energy reaction every time you charge your phone and every time you use it.

So, of course, there are ways to wisely inject all that electrochemical energy into your iPhone battery, and plenty of ways to recklessly charge your phone, slowly degrading the battery’s performance over time.

“The chemical age of a battery is caused by a complex combination of several factors, including its temperature history and charging pattern,” Apple says. “All rechargeable batteries are consumable components that become less effective with chemical age,” she adds.

The iPhone maker has hidden a feature within your phone’s settings that helps manage how the battery charges, and adapts it to your charging habits so that the battery is exposed to as little “electrochemical corrosion and damage” as possible.

As for how to access this feature that extends battery life on the iPhone, this can be done through the following steps: First, find the Settings app on your home screen. Then open Settings, tap Battery, then Battery health and charging, then Optimized battery charging. Once set, Optimized Charging will limit the amount of time your iPhone’s battery is fully charged, slowing down after your phone reaches 80%. In other words, it reduces the time the battery is full of energy, some of which inevitably becomes more likely to cause chemical reactions that degrade the battery internally.

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